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Yasmina, sometimes known as 'The English Rose of Cairo', has over twenty-five years of experience in the field of Egyptian oriental dance as a performer, teacher and choreographer. Originally from the UK she spent many years travelling and dancing her way around the Middle East before settling in Cairo in 1995. Here she performed for many years with her orchestra, becoming one of the city's best-loved dancers. Cairo is still Yasmina's home, where she hosts dancers and dance groups from around the world and provides services ranging from accommodation, choreography, training and coaching in oriental dance, to publicity photography and music production.

Tel: +2012-27465185

Email: yasmina@yasminaofcairo.com

Web Site: www.yasminaofcairo.com

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Yasmina of Cairo

Yasmina’s Belly Dancers’ B&B

Dancers B&B
Yasmina's Dancers B&B: Now Open!

Thinking of coming to Cairo to further your education in the dance, but unsure about coming on your own? Yasmina's 'dancers' B&B' offers comfortable accommodation at her large roof-top apartment close to the Giza Pyramids, at a very reasonable price.

What will you get?
Breakfast, plus one or two (your choice) home-cooked meals each day. Advice and help in coordinating dance classes, buying costumes and seeing performances. This includes an experienced personal escort, if you wish, to all dance-related places, plus regular sightseeing too. There is a dance studio in the apartment so you can practice what you learn in your classes with different teachers. And Yasmina also offers private classes at a discounted rate, for those interested in a short course.

The idea is to provide a safe, friendly and stimulating 'Cairo experience', in a city that can be daunting to those coming for the first (or second or third!) time. It could also suit up to four friends traveling here together.

Guest Reviews
'Staying at Yasmina's guaranteed laughs (including being killed in various ways by her son, the pirate, Azz!) great food, and access to the best teachers and dancers in Cairo - plus I literally had a dance studio outside my bedroom door. Waking up to views of the pyramids, and having Yasmina's knowledge and hands-on assistance in providing classes and 'must-see' performances were definite highlights of my stay. I was able to experience everything I wanted to doing my visit, including a fabulous photoshoot with tons of beautiful photos'. Ainslie Kimber, Australia

As a Belly Dancer I cannot think of a better way of learning or improving your dance skills than to be immersed in the excitement of Egyptian culture - it’s a great way of developing a real understanding of the dance and its music ... And this is what I did when I went to Cairo to take some Belly Dance classes. I’m so glad I made contact with Yasmina who gave me the great opportunity to put my dance into context and to learn in a safe environment.

Yasmina is an excellent and very experienced teacher, very thorough, knowledgeable and friendly. She encouraged me to develop my own style and was full of great tips on improving technique and taught me some great moves.

'Staying at your B&B was the best idea I ever had!' Alexandra Coppex, France.

'Thank you for your hospitality from the first minute to the last…we felt like home!' Nanci Sompaio, Brazil

'It's invaluable to have someone who has a foot in both worlds to be your guide into the exciting unknown; you have helped me see things I never would have known and connected me with some wonderful people…' Trisha Chetek-Motiok, Canada

'A serene haven amid the hurly-burly of Cairo!' Nicola McConkey, Ireland

'From my first contact with you on FB and email, your prompt reply and continuous communication was reassuring…thank you for your hospitality and arrangements from the biggest to the smallest details… I loved it all!' Shira Yada, Australia

'A home from home, an oasis in the chaos of city life in Cairo ….more than a holiday, more than an adventure, Yasmina offers something truly unique to the oriental traveller.' Tracey Jones, UK

'The best way to get an authentic taste of Cairo. Yasmina organized everything to provide us with a hassle free, safe trip, with outstanding classes, non-tourist shows, and a brilliant guide who was charming and knowledgeable. The photo shoot was an amazing experience I shall treasure all my life.' Shirley Griffiths, UK

She also gave me invaluable help and advice in finding costume-makers, accessories and the best Belly Dance shows in Cairo. With her I learned in a few days what I have not in months! It was an invaluable and enriching experience for my career as a dancer”. Sabrina, London UK

If you are after the full-on group holiday experience, Yasmina recommends Farida Adventures with Kay Taylor, for those coming from Europe and the US, or 'Amera's Palace Bellydance Egypt!', with Amera Eid, for those coming from Australasia. Both these women are highly experienced providers of fun, entertainment, education and shopping! And both partly employ the services of 'Team Yasmina' to provide extra support in Cairo.

Services Provided in Cairo

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