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Yasmina, sometimes known as 'The English Rose of Cairo', has over twenty-five years of experience in the field of Egyptian oriental dance as a performer, teacher and choreographer. Originally from the UK she spent many years travelling and dancing her way around the Middle East before settling in Cairo in 1995. Here she performed for many years with her orchestra, becoming one of the city's best-loved dancers. Cairo is still Yasmina's home, where she hosts dancers and dance groups from around the world and provides services ranging from accommodation, choreography, training and coaching in oriental dance, to publicity photography and music production.

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Yasmina of Cairo

Yasmina’s Belly Dancers’ B&B


CD / DVD / Video
Yasmina offers technique and choreography in the DVD series featuring Cairo's top dancers: 'Masters of Egyptian Choreography' directed and produced by Natasha Senkovich (best known for her documentary 'Belly dancers of Cairo') The DVD contains a full choreography, step by step technique, performance in costume and a personal interview. To order one DVD or as many as you like from Natasha, go to www.natashabellydancevideos.com

Yasmina’s music CD’s and performance videos (also available on DVD) each represent a collaborative effort between herself and her ensemble (orchestra, singers and in some cases folkloric dancers), to express the ‘Cairo dance experience’. The videos are unique in conveying the true atmosphere of a live show in Cairo, with most sections recorded at weddings or in the nightclub. The CD’s feature music and songs specially chosen for dance lovers to either listen or perform to, and, for performers, they include all the elements you need to put together a complete show.


'Hayati' means 'my life', and I have chosen the title of this CD deliberately because many of the tracks reflect particular moments and memories experienced during my years in Egypt. With five different singers (four of them from the family of Safaa Farid) performing a wide range of different styles, once again this CD contains something for everyone. The opening entrance music, specially composed by Nader Zakaria, is repeated at the end of the collection in a shorter version for those with limited stage time available to perform in. There are several classic songs ranging from old favourites such as Farid el Attrache's 'Zeyna', and Naghat's 'Ama Barowa', to nineties favourite 'W'hayti Andak'. A medley of 'Ana Fintizarak, Menharemsh and Tamrahenna' performed by Ahmed el Khatib in tacht style on the oud, contrasts with shaabi songs such as 'Maoula Di', originally sung by one of my favourite performers from the past, Shafiqa. As well as all this there is an updated version of Ahmed Adaweya's 'Yachti Smalatayn', with modern shaabi inserts, a complete tableau for shamadan, awaalim style, an irresistible baladi and a great drum solo!


The translation of ‘Nawader’ in English is ‘rare, or precious, things’. In this collection I have put together something for everyone, including two ‘tableaux’ especially composed or arranged to be performed by groups on stage, and reflecting different moods or styles. One of these is Sherra el Fan, a baladi style piece based on the idea of a street populated by musicians and dancers (much like Mohamed Ali Street in days gone by), with the dancers being invited to come and interpret the different instruments. The other is the ‘Alexandrian Beach Tableau’, a cocktail of songs about love and summer fun in the sun, sea and sand, culminating in the joyful ‘Doq el Shamassi’, originally made famous by the Reda Troupe.
The album also contains five beautiful classic songs, a brand new opening majensee, an instrumental piece originally danced by Samia Gamal, a live baladi track and two drum solos.

'Baladi w'Bas'

For all lovers of Egyptian baladi music, here is the ultimate collection, with high quality live improvisations from some of Cairo's top musicians. Also includes plus mawals and popular baladi songs from Hoda Sombati.

Destined to become a favourite in your collection!

'El Warda' ('The Rose')
'El Warda' ('The Rose') is so titled after Yasmina's press name: 'The English Rose of Cairo', and represents a team effort by herself, the unique talents of Nader Zakaria and Mounir Abdel Aziz of Merryland Studios Heliopolis, and singers Safaa Farid and Ahmed Alaa, among others. Yasmina says: 'After the success of 'Aheb Masr' producing something even better was always going to be difficult - but I am satisfied that we have risen to the challenge! I am really excited about this CD, which has a developed and sophisticated sound, depth of feeling and mix of music to satisfy even the most demanding dancer.' 'El Warda' contains newly-composed opening music, a baladi tableau of old songs with a gorgeous nostalgic feel, a high-energy Saeedi tableau and modern catchy shaabi song (both original compositions), three classical Egyptian songs with beautiful vocals, a unique drum solo with instrumentation, and a specially composed piece of modern reggaeton fusion. Definitely something for everyone.
'Aheb Masr!' ('I Love Egypt!)
An irresistible mix of music and songs with high quality production values and three original compositions. Opening music, unique tribute to Samia Gamal, both composed by Reda Saad, and pop baladi with a twist, by Mounir Abdel-Aziz. Also favourite classics 'Ala Hizboadad' and 'Ala Rimsh Eyounha.', complete Nubian cocktail with an African drum solo, and a funky shaabi number, 'Agibni Kulak.' This is the most ambitious of Yasmina's CD's so far, and features the vocal talents of five singers, each adding a different, very Egyptian flavour. Sleeve notes contain all the song lyrics translated to English.
Heya di Yasmina
A popular high quality studio recording, Heya di Yasmina (This is Yasmina) features original opening music by composer Reda Saad, and the talents of one of Cairos top percussionists, Negm. It contains a mix of classical, Saeedi and baladi songs, a unique tabla solo, and instrumental as well as vocal pieces. All the song lyrics have been translated into English.
Layali Yasmina
Recorded in the studio but mostly with Yasminas complete live band, this CD retains an immediate feel and includes opening music, both classical and lighter songs, and a baladi tableau made famous by legendary Egyptian dancer Naima Akef. Also a traditional baladi and drum solo of appropriate length for a live performance. Layali Yasmina is on re-release after selling out completely: the new version contains an extra bonus track featuring a medley of popular Ahmed Adaweya shaabi songs.

DVD's / Video
'Journey of Desire: A Foreign Dancer in Cairo'
Full-length documentary feature, running 1 hour 40 minutes, directed by Sara Farouk, and produced by Yasmina. A mixture of interviews, personal and archive footage, documentary footage, the film also includes six performance 'video-clips' shot on location, illustrating different aspects of Egyptian dance and music, as well as Yasmina's own personal story of how she came to Cairo and survived eight years of performing there. It includes contributions from numerous names in the world of oriental dance, including Dina, Raqia Hassan, Beatta and Horacio Cifuentes, Morocco, Dr. Mo Gedowi, dancers Asmahan, Katia, Nour, Diana Tarkhan, and many others. (See news and events section for review and more information.)
Video Clip
Yasmina Live in Cairo Vol 1
Recorded live at the Cairo Meridien Heliopolis (both in the nightclub and the ballroom), this performance video contains solo performances of the opening music and some songs available on the CD Layali Yasmina. It also features seven costume changes, two tableaux and a drum solo. It runs at just over 60 minutes.
Video Clip
Yasmina Live in Cairo Vol 2
Recorded live at a variety of venues, this is another chance to see Yasmina and her orchestra in action, this time featuring a series of tableaux in which she interacts with her additional dancers. It contains Eskanderani, Saeedi, Baladi, Raks Shamadan (candelabra) and Awalim styles. Kicking off with opening music, it finishes with a drum solo duet with ace sagat player Sayed. Volume Two contains nine costume changes and runs at just over 60 minutes.

In association with Farida Dance, Yasmina has written and produced this full-length part documentary, part performance film, directed by Sara Farouk.

‘Stills from dance sequence Asal wa Suka’. Photos by Sherif Sonbol

Yasmina says:
“This film begins with my own personal journey through ten years of dancing in Cairo, and endeavours to answer the question I have been so frequently asked: why would a well-educated middle class western woman, living in comfort and surrounded by family and friends, chose to give up all that and become a dancer in Cairo? To become part of a profession that in the Middle East is not considered respectable, to live in an alien culture, to struggle through a maze of beaurocratic impediments, linguistic misunderstandings and physical and artistic challenges – just to perform on a Cairo nightclub stage?

“It includes a mix of footage documenting the ‘Cairo experience’, and although it is seen through my eyes, I think many dancers the world over will be able to find things in it they recognize and identify with. Although ‘Journey of Desire’ is a low budget production, the makers have had the advantage and luxury of time and inside knowledge to put this film together. It has no outside agenda, no axe to grind, and is made by and for lovers of Egyptian dance.”

Order now from the following distributors:
www.bellydanceboutique.co.uk (UK)
www.studiohenna.fi (Finland)
www.boutique.samara-danse.fr (France)

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‘Stills from dance sequence Asal wa Suka’ Photos by Sherif Sonbol ‘Saeedi dance sequence on location. Photo by Claude Stemelin

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